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hey there lonely people!
I am from france and i live in town where i don t know anybody,lucky enough i live with my fiancé,but i still do feel a big dereliction because i would need to have girl friends to do girlie things!
i miss talking,having deep conversation with some souls!
I ve been unemployed for a year so it s not easy at all... i totally feel out of the society but i am really torn by the fact i sort of have to join society to earn money cuz i need it badly!:(
and also i hate the sheep,the people who follow the tide,who have learn to be so fake they don t know who they are and they forgot the precious things!
I can't ever be fake,i am always very frank and honest this is why i dont have any friends because maybe i m saying too much what i think i dont know...
Well i guess i am also a bit weird and melancholly which doesn t make me attractive,yet i think i m a kind person who has a lot to give!
I still dream of finding soulmate friends...
In the meantime i live in my world,i create,i embellish things and i sing my soul out to feel better...sometimes it s really weird to feel so lonely when you used to be a little girl with many friends... life is life****
bright blessings to all***
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