ccrunneralliec (ccrunneralliec) wrote in forgotten_ones,

I'm so upset. The only person who cared or remembered me is now forgetting me and throwing away all the love I gave him. My hollow heart aches- its space was occupied with love, but I gave it all to him hoping he would put his love there instead. I wish I could remember this one movie, but the way people died was when they were forgotten by everyone they knew or cared about. If that movie was real life, I'd be dying right now.
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HMmmmmm, that sucks....I do that to girls occationally, but they dont ever really care too much....sure there upset, but Im not that important for them to get real worked up over it. Hes probably upset about something, I avoid, and or try and erase them from my life completly if they are in someway, painful to be around.
Ain't it funny (or not, rather) how other people can just turn off and completely forget other people? Been through it many times before; it feels like what you had was stolen from you and you don't have anything to show for it... anyone who can do that to another human isn't worth anything.